ROSETTA eCTD Viewer Desktop Edition

Supports the latest and all previous ICH and regional eCTD specifications since 2004.

eCTD v4.0 support is planned for Q4 2023. Contact Us for a preview version.

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Release 5.9.2 for Windows is now available!


Don't compromise quality or performance for cheap imitations.

It's Easy to Use!

ROSETTA eCTD Viewer Desktop Edition is a feature rich, easy to use eCTD viewer for submissions and dossiers prepared in Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) format. Designed for the sole purpose of viewing eCTD submissions, ROSETTA eCTD Viewer is specifically for users who do not need to know the technical aspects of eCTD.
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It's Fast!

It's easy on the outside but fast on the inside! ROSETTA eCTD Viewer's smart eCTD loading and processing engine is among the fastest in the industry. Many companies select ROSETTA eCTD viewer over other viewers because it outperforms other eCTD viewing software in terms of the loading speed.
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It's Compliant!

ROSETTA eCTD Viewer is compliant with the latest eCTD specifications and is backwards-compatible with all previous specifications. Any eCTD submissions, even those produced by other software vendors' publishing tools, can be viewed through ROSETTA eCTD Viewer, as long as they conform to ICH and regional eCTD specifications.
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