ROSETTA Viewer Enterprise Edition

The ROSETTA eCTD Viewer Enterprise Edition solution provides a web browser user interface for viewing eCTD Repositories and submissions. Users can easily access eCTD submissions in well defined centralized Repository locations and view the submission in the browser based eCTD WebViewer or eCTD Viewer App. All users will have a consistent viewing experience to ensure that all users see the same versions of each eCTD submission.

eCTD WebViewer

    webbased eCTD viewer Full lifecycle eCTD viewer compatible with all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Its compatibility puts IT managers in control of the deployment, and allows end-user's choice/preference.

No migration needed

    data migration eCTD Submissions are ready to view without importing, preprocessing, migrating, or creating duplicate copies maintaining a single source of truth.


    fast eCTD viewer Accelerator functionality allows the system to precompile eCTD submissions for even faster viewing.

eCTD Viewer App

    The optional eCTD Viewer App is a client side software providing the most responsive user experience for viewing eCTD documents.

Quick access to eCTD applications

    Centralized Application List readily accessible to all users allows users to quickly access eCTD applications.

Full text search

    full text search Full Text Search allows users to thoroughly search the textual content within a submission to find all instances of specific phrases or terms.

Flexible authentication options

    User accounts can be managed either through Inline accounts or integrate with an existing Active Directory and honor existing filesystem permissions and privileges.

Role-based access controls

    role-based access controls Role-based Access Controls ensures that each user has access to the authorized resources for their role. This means you can easily manage permissions based on user roles, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Audit trails

    Audit trails provide a complete record of changes and actions taken by actors within the system, ensuring accountability and providing a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant resource for reviewing activities within the system.

Goes beyond eCTD